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NASH COLUMN: Trump supporters baffling

NASH COLUMN: Trump supporters baffling

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I’ve always tried to understand why some people act or believe the way they do, including troubled adolescents I’ve known while working in a detention home and a group home. After hearing about their troubled and chaotic childhoods, I could understand how and why they took the wrong paths.

But, I’ve been completely baffled by adults who call themselves patriots and/or Christians who believe the lies of the former president, especially the lie about the election being stolen. They also believe the right-wing media that label Democrats “elitists,” which is laughable because Donald Trump supporters would gladly kiss the feet of the former president, an elitist of the highest order, who wouldn’t be caught dead doing any physical work that would wrinkle his suit or tie, and who could never relate to their lives.

Their idol was a millionaire when he was 3-years-old. He was accepted at Ivy League colleges because his father gave lots of money. Not only was someone paid to take his admission tests, but his father’s money kept him from flunking out since Trump has bragged, and his oldest sister confirmed, that he never read books. Otherwise, why would he have ordered his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to threaten the colleges he attended with huge lawsuits if they released his grades?

Was it a coincidence that the doctor who said Trump had bone spurs and got him out of going into the military was a tenant in one of Fred Trump’s buildings? Once, when asked which foot had the bone spurs, Trump said he couldn’t remember.

This cowardly draft dodger made fun of Sen. John McCain whose plane was shot down during the Vietnam War while on a bombing mission over Hanoi, was then captured and spent more than five years as a Vietnamese prisoner of war. But, even when McCain was told he was free, he refused to leave until 108 of his fellow Americans were released. What did Trump say about that in 2015? “I like people who weren’t captured.” Unbelievably, many who are or were in the military still support him.

I especially don’t get how any Christian can support a man who never goes to church, who bragged about sexually assaulting women, who cheated on all three of his wives and paid off porn stars to keep them quiet. Cohen wrote that as soon as a group of Evangelicals left the Oval Office after blessing Trump, the then-president told him, “Can you believe they believe that sh##?”

He continues to fool his followers, and they think he likes them even though, when COVID came on the scene, he told Cohen after one of his rallies that there was a good thing about the virus and said, “Now I don’t have to shake hands with those disgusting people.”

They probably believed him, too, when he said that COVID-19 was a “Democrat hoax,” then believed him when he said it would be gone in two weeks. Later, he took credit for the vaccines that are fighting the devastating worldwide hoax the Democrats supposedly invented.

Unlike people who truly believe his lies, most Republican lawmakers know the truth, but are too cowardly to admit it because they’re afraid of the liar’s base. They obviously think the power they have as a lawmaker tops integrity and truth, so they’ve abandoned their consciences and put our democracy at risk to keep that power.

But, Donald Trump’s losing support, especially from those who’ve been arrested for their part in the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection. On Dec. 16, 2020, Dustin Stockton, one of the organizers of the Jan. 6, 2021, rally that preceded the insurrection, told CNN, “Essentially, he abandons people when the going gets tough for people. And, you know, in some ways, it’s embarrassing to think that in a lot of ways, we bought into what essentially turned out to be a bluff or a con.”

Donald Trump’s been a con man his entire adult life. He persuades and/or pays others to do his dirty work while he sits in his gold-plated penthouse tower or his Palm Beach mansion. Just as he did Jan. 6, 2021, as he sat safely in the White House watching his gullible followers on television as they forcibly invaded the United States Capitol Building, smashed windows, destroyed property, threatened to kill Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence, and attacked and injured Capitol and D.C. police officers. Despite being urged by many, including his daughter Ivanka, to say something to stop it, he sat there for more than three hours, watching and amused as the worst invasion of our Capitol since the 1812 war with Britain took place only blocks away.

Yet he still has supporters and enablers. I don’t get it.

Pat Nash has lived in the Baraboo area, off and on, for more than 35 years. Contact her at


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