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GOP policies led to large wealth gap -- Allegra Zick

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Since Ronald Reagan was president, the gap between the middle class and the upper 1% has continued to widen.

Republican Reagan began the spread by cutting taxes for the wealthy and taxing the middle class, Social Security income and unemployment benefits. The wealthy increased the number of lobbyists making all kinds of loopholes so now they pay little or no taxes.

Homelessness, violence and crime increased, making some people feel they need to be armed, resulting in a gun problem. Many of our Republican legislators are multimillionaires, so they legislate in their favor. Even our Supreme Court rules in favor of the wealthy, especially with its Citizen United decision.

What can be done about it? Make the wealthy pay the percentage of taxes they used to pay and eliminate the taxes on Social Security income. Set term limits on legislators and increase the number of Supreme Court justices to ensure less partisanship. And the number of lobbyist should be reduced.

Allegra Zick, Sauk City

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