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LETTER: Republicans are not for the public will

LETTER: Republicans are not for the public will

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When Joe Biden ran for president, he said it. I didn’t hear the “former” president say it. I don’t recall any Republican candidates, saying it. I doubt if it crossed former Gov. Scott Walker’s mind, or any Republican legislators’ minds in 2011, when they redrew district maps behind closed doors in the middle of the night—costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

Biden said he wanted to represent all the people—not just those who voted for him. Republicans like to pick their voters—whether by suppressing some, or by gerrymandering—only to represent themselves.

Wisconsin’s GOP legislators come to work when they please, gavel in and out, and contrive legislation only to their liking. The majority of Wisconsin voters want fair maps, universal background checks for gun purchases, and transparency in government. None of that matters. What seems to concern the Republican legislature is to reject federal money for education, health care, and homeless people; telling schools what to teach, requiring drug tests for those unemployed—while spreading the “Big Lie.”

Even though new census data is still unavailable, Republicans are already formulating bills regarding redistricting, and hiring lawyers, on the taxpayer’s dime again, —all to retain control.

So much for the will of the people.

Floyd Munro, Randolph



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