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LETTER: Stop the rioting and looting

LETTER: Stop the rioting and looting

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I have had enough of foolish rioters and looters just tearing up communities for something bad to do. They are making these cities look like war zones in third world countries. The Mayors back off and let them run and destroy property whether private businesses or Federal building. The Mayors refuse Federal help, shut down police, and so down it goes and with those actions the Mayors assume total responsibility.

Those buildings and businesses are someone's property and they do not care. I care. Personal funds first, of the rioters then the politicians, then city, county, and state. The Feds will owe nothing because the mayors not only rejected their help but demanded that they stay away. The Mayors even threaten law suits if the Feds come in, so a pox on the Mayors and city councils that support this action. Now pay up. Sick the DOJ on the Mayors.

John Pickle, Jr., Lodi


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