LETTER: The Volk Field drone

LETTER: The Volk Field drone

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A few Easter Sundays ago the south door at the Juneau County Justice Center opened and she walked out into the sunshine of Easter Sunday after four days in jail. She was convicted of trespassing at Volk Field.

The lady had come from Madison at the invitation of an open-house at Volk Field to observe what the United States was doing in training for using drones. She had been a vocal critic on the use of drones in targeting individuals outside the United States. Somehow she was considered to be trespassing at Volk Field.

Two Sheriff Deputies escorted her off Volk Field. She was cited for trespassing. Recently, the United States military used drones in Iraq to kill an Iranian general near Baghdad. The assassination resulted in the Iraqi parliament passing a resolution to remove the United States military from Iraq. The United States congress is currently interested in passing a resolution to limit President Donald Trump’s authority in going to war against Iran without congressional approval.

It’s was the lady’s mouth and not her feet that got her convicted of trespassing.

Robert Firlus, Mauston

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