Medicare for all is cheapest fix for healthcare issues

Medicare for all is cheapest fix for healthcare issues

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Sixty million Americans older than age 65 like Medicare.

Jim Hightower in his July Lowdown states, “U.S. healthcare ranks 34th-worst among developed countries and millions of ‘insured’ realize high deductibles and denials of coverage. Though we spend the most ($10,000 per year per person), our life expectancy is on the bottom among wealthy nations, and one-third of the $3.5 trillion goes for advertising, executive pay and non-care charges.”

In April's Progressive Populist, Mercator, a conservative think tank, reluctantly stated Medicare for all is cheaper by $400 billion per year because taxpayers already pay two-thirds of health care in Medicare, Medicaid, corporate subsidies, Congress members and veterans. Insurance companies lie and give legislators perks.

Ahmed Kutty, MD, states about 12% of Canadians use private insurance for cosmetic surgery, private hospital rooms, etc., so it still thrives. Professional incomes of doctors and nurses, remain mostly unchanged, and Commonwealth Fund found 75% of Canadian doctors were satisfied, compared to 64% of U.S. doctors. Medicare for all negotiates for drugs, medical equipment and costs less to administer. Waiting time for elective surgeries is comparable to the U.S.

Any problems for Medicare for all are political, not medical.

Allegra Zick, North Freedom


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