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I believe pets in class are a good and bad idea. l think there a good idea because you can save an animal from a shelter, can teach kids lessons on how to deal with animals, and it can help with stress in the classroom. And the less stress there is the more likely students are to get good grades. But the bad part is the pet can get injured or sick and not show signs of it because of all the kids playing with it. And the animal can get stressed and that is what will also lead to the pet not showing signs of injury.

1st off, instead of buying an animal from a petstore you could adopt one and save it from getting put down, Then you could bring students with to show how the whole process works when you adopt an animal. Then you would save an animals life.

2nd off, you can teach the students a life lesson about having a pet and how to take care of one. If the students witness what it's like to have a pet and how to take care of one they'll all be prepared in the future for what it is like to have a pet and all the responsibilities of owning one. It will also teach them how to make a bond with a pet and to appreciate an animal for what it is.

3rd and final reason is having an animal in the classroom can help with stress for many students. And if kids have less stress on them in school it will often lead to better grades and they will achieve more. When you have an animal in class kids will feel more like there at home which is what will help relieve stress and you can use the animal for educational purposes like in math and social studies and science. and that's how they can help with learning,

Some people might think that having pets in a class is a bad idea because some kids have allergies but the teacher can arrange to get a different pet so the kid won't have to deal with the allergic problems. So you can just get a different pet like a fish instead of a dog or hamster or something like that. That way the complications can be avoided. I know what it's like to deal with allergies and it sucks so thats one way that this is a good and bad idea but it can easily be avoided.

That is all my reasons to why we should have pets in class but there are some down falls but they can easily be avoided.

Tyrus Lara, grade 7, Sauk Prairie Middle School, Sauk City