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Some people think that pets in the classroom are a great idea but I disagree people have many different opinions because many people have different reasons because of different beliefs. I say you shouldn't have pets in the classroom because kids get distracted, kids have allergies and because the pets need the attention that you might not have time for.

My first reason why pets should not be in the classroom is because, they distract kids, weather it is a dog roaming around or a hamster running around in a ball it is distracting to kids "A snake was stolen from a classroom and was then cooked to death in the microwave" says Andrea Mulder-Slater at Also kids have allergies like dogs and cats or to their fur. "You have to value a kids health needs" says Andrea Mulder-Slater at htt://

Next, you need to have time for them. They need the attention you may not have. You have to live up to a pets needs as well as a kids needs. "While a small lizard may seem harmless, the potential for salmonella is ever present." says Brandi Jordan author of the pros and cons article from pros-and-cons-of-class-pets/

Some think that having pets in the classroom is a bad idea but I disagree even though they are a good educational tool, such as how much a hamster weigh. "Caring for pets in the classroom is one way of improving school attendance and teaching children about responsibility." Says the article "Benefits of classroom pets" by

Finally the reasons why there shouldn't be pets in the classroom, because they are distracting, kids have allergies and also because they need more attention than you give them, that is why you shouldn’t have pets in the classroom.

Taylor Frey, grade 7, Sauk Prairie Middle School, Sauk City