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We all agree that the opioid crisis is a serious problem. To profit off of the pain and misery of others is unconscionable.

Openly gay Sen. Tammy Baldwin, after 35 years in public office, lifted the ban on asking her why she was raised by her grandparents instead of her parents. Baldwin now shares with the world that her mom was an addict.

Did it ever occur to Baldwin when our veterans asked her assistance with over-prescribing of opiates by the “Candy Man” at the Tomah VA, that her personal experience should have compelled her to help our veterans? No, instead, she did nothing, and when she got caught hiding the report after more people died, she tried to bribe her staffer to take the blame.

Baldwin covered up the failures at the VA because she wants all of us “deplorables” on universal health care/single payer/ACA/obamacare — she didn’t want us to see the similarities with the military health and Obamacare - no choices, no quality control, no competition, rationing care and high costs.

State Sen. Leah Vukmir, a Registered Nurse, won’t back away from our veterans. Her son is a Army Ranger, she has skin in the game. Please support Leah at

Anna Morgan, Lodi