Ice Fishing Shanty (copy)

Ice fishing shanties have to be off all Wisconsin waters by Sunday. Anglers can use portable ice fishing shelters after the deadline for passes if they deem the ice safe and the shelters are taken off the ice every day.

MADISON — Ice anglers are reminded that the last deadline to remove permanent ice shanties from state waters is Sunday, when shanties must be removed from waters north of Highway 64 and all other outlying waters by the end of the day. Warm temperatures and rain in the forecast could complicate removal so state officials are urging anglers not to wait until the deadline.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Chief Conservation Warden Todd Schaller says owners experiencing problems can seek local assistance from fishing clubs, vendors and other anglers. If the deadline has been missed, please contact the DNR Violation Hotline at 800-TIP-WDNR or 800-847-9367, provide a status report of ongoing attempts to remove, as well as shelter location.

If the public is aware of shanty owners who aren’t taking responsibility for their shanty, they should also contact the DNR Violation Hotline.

Deadlines to remove shelters help eliminate spring shoreline litter and boating dangers this spring. Schaller says abandoning the shelter or burning the shelter atop the ice will not satisfy the deadline.

After the shanty removal deadlines pass, anglers can continue to use portable ice fishing shelters daily if they feel the ice is safe — and if they remove their shelters daily and when not actively being used. Permanent shelters, meaning those normally not removed daily from the ice, must be removed from the ice no later than the specified removal date for that water body.

Previous removal dates include Wisconsin-Minnesota boundary waters by March 1; Removal daily after the first Sunday following March 1, inland waters south of Highway 64 on March 3; Wisconsin-Michigan boundary waters by March 15; Fox River downstream from the De Pere dam in Brown County, ice fishing shelters must always be removed from the ice daily and when not in use.

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