PORTAGE — It turns out our furry friends have more to offer us than companionship and unconditional love. According to Portage physical therapist Kris Hellenbrand, multiple studies show that dog owners are generally healthier and more likely to meet national fitness benchmarks than non-owners.

PORTAGE – During a time when the U.S. is focused on reducing the cost of medical expenses, Portage physical therapist Mary Rose Strickland shared a staggering number that, according to medical professionals, could be significantly reduced through preventive care: $67.7 billion.

BARABOO – As millions marveled at the world’s top competitors performing athletic feats on cold, wet and slippery surfaces during this month’s 2018 Winter Olympics, Baraboo physical therapist Jordan Hove saw an ideal educational opportunity for local athletes and fitness-minded people.

PORTAGE — A new year means new checklists. From starting something new to quitting bad habits, it’s a time many choose to focus on improving or maintaining good health. To help you reach your goals we want to help you jump-start those healthy behaviors and work with you to see those successe…

PORTAGE – As more people continue to turn to health apps on their smartphones to achieve goals related to exercise and weight loss, it’s important to use such tools with an element of personal caution, says Portage physical therapist Bryan Cummings.