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Ride failure

A still image from a video depicting the moment an elastic cable snapped on the Catapult ride at Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park on July 8. Park officials had the ride removed days later.

The Catapult thrill ride that malfunctioned just before it was to launch two riders through the air at the Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park on Wednesday in Wisconsin Dells passed a recent safety inspection but has been cited for past violations, state inspection records show.

A video of the malfunctioning ride that went viral after it was posted on Facebook on Thursday showed that a mechanism anchoring the two elastic bands that propel the ride apparently broke down shortly after the riders were locked into their protective cage.

The Catapult passed an inspection last month by an investigator for the state’s Department of Safety and Professional Services but its owner — Casco, Inc., of Nashotah — was cited in 2013 for failing to show any documentation that the ride’s wire rope and hoist operations were inspected by an independent third party, records from the Department of Safety and Professional Services showed. Investigators also could not find any documentation of current CPR or first-aid certifications.

The Catapult’s owner also was cited in 2011 for poor record keeping and was ordered to document and maintain records for daily and periodic inspections, any maintenance that was performed on the ride as well as training for the ride’s operators. An identical order was issued in 2011 for Apollo’s Swing, another ride owned by Casco, Inc., that is still operational at Mt. Olympus, records show.

Speed Rock, a third ride owned by Casco, Inc., at Mt. Olympus, is no longer operational. In 2006, investigators found that its cables were not replaced annually as requested by its manufacturer and the Consumers Products Safety Commission, state records show. That same year, the Catapult’s operators were ordered by investigators to update their first-aid and CPR certifications, records showed.

The owner of Casco, Inc. was listed as Richard Clark of Nashotah. Clark did not return messages left at phone numbers registered to him and Casco.

State court records show that Casco faced penalty warrants for workers compensation and unemployment compensation isses as well as delinquent tax warrant.