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Portage police arrested and charged a 25-year-old Portage man with three felonies for allegedly strangling and suffocating another person on Thanksgiving and again the day after.

Raul M. Quiroga appeared Nov. 27 in Columbia County Circuit Court on two felony charges of strangulation and suffocation. He also faces a felony charge of intimidating a victim of abuse. If convicted, he could be sentenced to up to six years in prison for each of the strangulation charges and up to 10 years in prison for the intimidation charge.

Quiroga also faces misdemeanor charges of battery, criminal damage to property and two counts of disorderly conduct.

According to the criminal complaint, Portage police responded Nov. 23 to a residence in Portage after receiving a report of abuse. The victim stated Quiroga on Nov. 22 became very drunk on hard liquor. The victim stated Quiroga is prone to violence when he is drunk. Quiroga allegedly started an argument with the victim, yelling and screaming in her face. The victim slapped Quiroga and walked away, she told police.

But Quiroga then “sucker-punched” the victim twice and threw against a wall and couch, the complaint states. Quiroga then strangled the victim, likely causing her to lose consciousness for a brief period of time before he eventually let her go.

Quiroga was again intoxicated Nov. 23, according to the complaint. The victim asked him to leave the residence. Quiroga threw her on the floor and began strangling her again. During the struggle, the victim’s cell phone fell out of her pocket and she told Quiroga she would call the police. Quiroga threw the phone across the street and the phone came apart.

Quiroga’s pretrial conference is set for Dec. 28.

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Portage Daily Register reporter