LETTER: Columnist wrong about why people 'hate' president

LETTER: Columnist wrong about why people 'hate' president

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This letter is in response to Scott Frostman's Jan. 9 column. He states, "The main reason for the criticism of Trump is simply because he is Trump...hatred for Trump is so strong..."

Wrong. Donald Trump is too pathetic to hate, as are Republicans who support him. What Trump and his toadies have done and refuse to do is what people hate. Clear thinking, fair-minded, truth-loving people hate Trump's over the top hypocrisy and his buffoonish lies. From the freakish Republican leadership in Madison welcoming a duly-elected governor with new restrictions on his authority which is cheating. Would they have done that to Scott Walker if he'd won? To our president who refuses to tell the truth, literally, all day long, people find a lot of cheating and lying to hate.

Most of us tell lies. Some of us have cheated. But good people try not to and feel lousy when they do because they know it’s wrong. They don't accept lying as being clever, patriotic, or necessary. They see lying as a crippling vice, one which historically speaking has kept humanity in diapers.

Dirty diapers at that.

That's what is keeping America divided and hateful.

Trump and his supporters' lies.

Jeffery Monfort, Portage


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