LETTER: Global warming's real science; we need to accept it

LETTER: Global warming's real science; we need to accept it

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It’s hard to know where to begin responding to the Nov. 9 Jerry Nims letter, “Groupthink takes hold when it comes to global warming.”

He is “amazed” when he reads someone supporting scientific facts because he is afraid of scientists who understand more than he does. He says he understands it’s not about weather, but then claims it is. When he states, “However, in spite of what various groups report, we need to realize that trying to categorize the entire planet’s average temperature over time is virtually impossible due to its complexity,” he is speaking for himself. No, these issues are not too large to grasp – scientists have grasped it for decades, even centuries.

He can continue to be “aghast” if he wants to continue burying his head in the sand/propaganda of those that don’t care if their policies have already killed our planet and who don’t care about a future beyond when they are in the grave. Even the oil companies realize that global warming is real.

Ignoramuses/sociopaths like Donald Trump want to back energy sources proven to be financial and environmental boondoggles, simply out of spite for those who actually care about the future of our planet.

Ingrid Gottfried, Portage 


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