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LETTER: Landers missed the point

LETTER: Landers missed the point

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Brian Landers apparently does not get it. The tragic death of Officer Ella French, and the wounding of her partner are things we all abhor, and the community does everything it can to prevent those crimes from happening, and to hold those responsible fully accountable for their crimes.

George Floyd was handcuffed and immobilized on the ground when he was killed by a cop, a sworn law enforcement officer, who murdered him merely because he could. The community had not done much to prevent those injustices. Officer Derek Chauvin got off relatively lightly, because he was a cop. A civilian would have gotten life without possibility of parole for a murder of the same nature.

The public outrage Landers laments is about how the community responds to some, but not all, murders. Officer French's death will be fully atoned, Floyd's, not so much.

Law enforcement officers are not the enemy, but bad law enforcement officers are an enemy. Law enforcement agencies have to become accountable for how, and why, bad law enforcement officers are given a badge. Holding law enforcement accountable is not demonizing.

What we need to support is equal justice for all. I hope Landers would agree.

Timothy Henney, Portage 



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