LETTER: Letter word count? How about Trump's long, sad record?

LETTER: Letter word count? How about Trump's long, sad record?

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I’m amused to hear that some readers count the number of words in a letter to the editor so no one goes over the limit.

If you are really into counting then why not count how many children are still separated and incarcerated because of President Donald Trump’s failed immigration policy? How many people has he demeaned and bullied during his administration? Count how many of his staff have been convicted of crimes. Count how many allies he has snubbed and how many tyrants he has courted. Count how many times he has gone golfing costing the taxpayers millions. Count how many inspector generals he has fired because they were doing their job. Count how many tax returns he has released and how many payments Mexico has made to pay for the wall.

Oops, nothing to add up there. I could ask you to count up the number of lies he has told since he took office but that might require some higher math. And finally, you could count up the number of deaths and the number of unemployed that are the result of a president that was asleep at the switch and denied the potential threat of a worldwide pandemic.

Ralph Ciolkosz, Rio


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