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LETTER: Media not reporting alternative interventions

LETTER: Media not reporting alternative interventions

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Why isn't the media reporting on alternative interventions to the COVID-19 vaccine?

Does journalism intentionally keep alternatives and choices from the public for partisan reasons? Has journalism not grown and developed with the rest of the country? Are news outlets motivated by "the almighty dollar?"

Recent empirical research found that poor journalism allows disinformation and misinformation to get into the media. Journalists in postmodern America have not moved the ideology from the temporal focus. Journalism and social media are at odds.

Current medical models are moving toward integrative health promoting the individual's active participation knowing all available options.

The "wellness" approach is cost-effective and results in a 17% decline medical and doctor visits and 35% reduction minor illness," according to research cited in Immunopathologia Persa, July 2018.

International researchers have recommended that complimentary integrative medicine "should already be considered now" for COVID-19, although fine-tuning is needed (Seifert, 2020).

Historically, public health contained a virus differently. Mandates for vaccines and masks operate in a one-size-fits-all system that does not mesh with complimentary integrative medicine. Each individual is unique.

Americans need to start asking questions about why? No, it isn't that this is a novel or new virus. Look at AIDS or EBOLA and other COVID outbreaks. Wake up.

Janet VanEpps, Portage 



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