LETTER: Veterans need help collecting benefits

LETTER: Veterans need help collecting benefits

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Veterans need help collecting benefits

About 6 million to 18 million official military personnel files were destroyed in a horrible fire on July 12, 1973, at the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

It is easier if you put this into perspective this way. The records of 80% of the Army personnel discharged Nov. 1, 1912 to Jan. 1, 1960, were destroyed.

Think about that. It represents roughly 48 years’ worth of Army veterans during wartimes.

Our father’s records burned and we had to reconstruct his record in order for him to have his service of 37 years acknowledged and receive his retirement. It took us more than

25 years.

His one concern on his way home from being officially retired was, “What about the others?”

So, our father made me promise not to forget about the others.

Where do we start to help those who never received a dime of their retirement or other benefits because records burned?

I can hear some of you saying, “You should keep all of that important stuff!” Easier said than done.

Regardless, what do we do for the others as dad asked us to do? Many have passed on without getting what they had coming. Why aren’t we helping them?

Janet Van Epps, Portage


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