LETTER: Vote for Karofsky best bet for end of gerrymandering

LETTER: Vote for Karofsky best bet for end of gerrymandering

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Friends/neighbors, if you’ve been a little distracted lately, I’d like to remind you of a critical date: the April 7 election. This election, you will have the power to help ensure our government becomes less rigged and more responsible. The ballot will have two candidates for Supreme Court justice, one of whom - the incumbent - has already defended our state’s rigged, partisan district maps. The other candidate, Jill Karofsky, is our best hope for reforming Wisconsin’s gerrymandered district boundaries.

Gerrymandering hurts us all. When the legislature redraws district maps, those new boundaries should be drawn transparently and neutrally. However, either party holding power tends to deviously create maps that favor that party and ensure it maintains control. Gerrymandering allows representatives to choose their voters rather than the other way around. Sadly, gerrymandering dilutes our representation and leads to hyper-partisanship and deadlocked government.

Since the 2021 maps created by our legislature will likely be contested in the courts, it's important to elect a justice who believes every Wisconsinite's vote matters. Our nation is experiencing a wave of gerrymandering reform. Wisconsinites will benefit from this reform sooner or later – the sooner, the better. Vote Karofsky for Supreme Court on April 7.

Tess Carr, Lodi


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