LETTER: Who will try to take our weapons?

LETTER: Who will try to take our weapons?

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I have been hunting since I was about 10 years old. I was an expert shot before I went into the military in 1962. I qualified as expert in both pistol and rifle in the military. I am qualified as a concealed carry permit holder. I still hunt deer and turkey and still shoot well. My weapons are under lock and key.

I will be easy to find but I wonder which one of the Democrats is going to be brave enough, or stupid enough, to go into Chicago, Washington D.C., Detroit, Los Angeles or other large city and try to take weapons from those who have hidden or illegal weapons and do not want to give them up. Are those who have the weapons going to be willing to give them to the Democrats? I doubt it.

I suspect that there will be a fight to keep the weapons from those wishing to confiscate them. It will be interesting to see if those who have illegal weapons will vote for the Democrats who want to confiscate all non-registered weapons.

John H. Pickle, Jr., Lodi


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