Pat Nash’s column on June 14 really shows who’s the queen of hypocrisy. Because of letter length limits set by this paper, please lookup this email address, gotquestions.org/God-love-and-homosexuality.html, which explains Biblical views on sexual relations outside of marriage between a man and a woman including homosexual relations.

I’m not sure what’s made her such a bitter woman, but most liberals seem to have her mindset toward anyone opposing their views. Every point she made in her column, including when she misinterprets/twists Gods word to meet her views, only needs common sense to counter them but my space here doesn’t allow.

She hypocritically touts Planned Parenthood's benefits, the No. 1 abortion organization in the world, and Jesus speaking about causing little children to stumble which makes me wonder if she even reads what she writes. Would Jesus support Planned Parenthood?

Our family says bedtime prayers together every night and we pray for our enemies. I explain to the kids and grandkids that it’s not that we hate others, but that they hate us because we don’t believe what they believe. You didn’t claim to be a Christian in your column, so we’ll pray for you.

Gary Schoppenhorst, Endeavor


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