To the person who recently wrote to the paper bashing the Portage police: Did you have all the facts before deciding to write? Did you know all the facts in the first place?

The bird had its beak broken. Did the writer know that or not?

The police did what should have been done.

The Portage police do a good job, so stop bashing them.

Mary Lynch, Portage


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Jeff Anderson

I have four unlawful arrests by the county sheriff's department. One of them they even held me an entire weekend trying to think of a charge only to be released. I witnessed the sheriff department move inmates around to appear to have a fuller jail than they actually have. I have yet to file a lawsuit. But with slimebags like that in the same town they are going to have a bad name. My own children had to witness two sheriffs assault me as they cried asking them to stop. They better hope God is not real, cause otherwise they are going to a special place.

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