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I am extremely frustrated with Portage Community Schools for continuing to do the color run. How is this safe? Pediatricians have warned against using simple baby powder for years due to inhalation. This powder is the same as many baby powders. And also, it states it should only be thrown on the lower part of the body, but even one of the teachers states otherwise, “You see the color in their teeth, their hair, their clothes." (Daily Register, Sept. 12) I am asking other parents to research it, read the articles. Simple google searches of the topic will get you started. Schools across the country have stopped these fundraisers for good reason.

But still, when my children come home and I throw away the information (like I have since I first researched it after the first run), I am the bad mom for not letting them "have fun." I have posted my concerns to their Facebook page; the posts get deleted. I emailed the principal the second year, no response. I emailed the administration, no response. Well, I am going to continue voicing my opinion. There are dozens of other fundraisers children could be doing that aren't dangerous like this.

Angie Laffin, Nekoosa