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The impact of those who are not legal to vote in the United States but find a way to get it done have a significant impact on the value of your vote.

If you are a legal citizen and vote, your vote carries the weight and responsibility of electing our representatives, supporting tax-funded issues and passing referendums. Our elected officials and referendums depend on your vote.

If you are not a legal citizen or one that has lost the right to vote in our elections because of illegal activity, and if you vote, the result is that the vote of our legal citizens is decreased in value, regardless of whether you are Democrat, Republican or independent.

There could be a time and place where your vote as a citizen is overpowered by those votes of non-citizens. In my opinion, only legal citizens should be allowed to vote in any election of any kind. Violators of voting without citizenship should be fined severely and immediately deported at their expense, to some far away place, with no possibility of return to the U.S. ever.Illegal 

John H. Pickle Jr., Lodi