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Another summer has come and gone, which means the fifth season of Home Talent Baseball of our Portage Skeeters is a recent memory with another truly successful season in all aspects.

Our Hometown Skeeters were a 4-3 loss away from winning the Eastern Conference title and reaching the “final four” of Home Talent Baseball, which includes a field of 44 teams scattered throughout the state. It’s the second year in a row of the runner-up status and it is necessary to give thanks to a number of folks.

Corporate sponsors make it all possible and thanks goes to Crawford Oil and Propane of Portage, Pizza Ranch of Portage and Cascade Mountain of Portage. You are all much appreciated. Thanks to coaches Bill Greene and Bill Austin for another great job and commitment for the summer.

A big ya-hoo to announcer Red Kastner and concession manager Brenda Greene. Thanks to Portage public schools for sharing your wonderful facility. Last but not least, thank you to the players and fans. Without you and you commitment and support, we have no program.

We look forward to the summer of 2018 to win our first championship with Portage Skeeter nation support.

Mike Hurd, Skeeter Administrator, Portage