Now more than a month of federal government shutdown and most people in America wouldn’t even be aware of it if it wasn’t daily news. That doesn’t make it any better for the people affected.

How about the families affected by the lack of a wall and enhanced border security? Murder, rape, drugs, terrorists and tens of thousands of crimes committed against Americans. The tens of billions in cost to legal taxpayers for crime, welfare benefits, schools, unemployment and all the rest of the payouts given to people illegally in America.

Ten years ago or less all the Democratic hypocrites now against a wall voted for it. Why the change? Democrats realize they have lost the middle working class, at least any of them with a brain. Yes, they still have many unions because of the Ponzi schemes arranged between them.

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Democrats need the illegal aliens' vote to remain in power. Both parties are to blame for our country's problems, which is why I support term limits for all, but the Democratic Party and their news media accomplices have destroyed moral values in America. Donald Trump’s not my savior, but he loves America. Unlike Barack Obama and all hypocritical Democrats.

Gary Schoppenhorst, Endeavor

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