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Conservatives, I know that you believe that because the Democrats are going crazy with name calling and extreme accusations against Judge Brian Hagedorn that Hagedorn is going to win the Wisconsin Supreme Court and win big.

Be sure you, your family, friends and neighbors go out and vote for Judge Hagedorn on April 2. Or vote early.

Keep up the message that making up fantasy fake news talking points with unnamed sources close to the Republican they are targeting won’t fly anymore. The liberal fake media has only the power we as consumers give them. One way of showing them that you are sick and tired of the day in and day out constant drumming against family, respect for life, morality, Christianity, Judaism, success, hard work, resourcefulness, is to stop patronizing their businesses, products, and technology… and to vote.

Those of you lucky enough to retire or are retiring, give back to the community that gave to you -- our elders did that for us. What are you giving back to our youth of today?

Save our future for our children. Vote for Judge Hagedorn for the Wisconsin Supreme Court on April 2.

Timothy Molony, Lodi

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