The founder of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, the late Fred Phelps Sr., was essentially Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn on steroids. Ideologically, they are two putrescent peas in a pestiferous pod.

Hagedorn has not been attacked, as has been alleged in a letter to the editor in this paper on March 23, for being a Christian any more than Phelps was. On the contrary, both of them have been called out for their hate-filled words and deeds by real Christians and non-Christians alike.

Hagedorn hides behind a smokescreen of religion to advance his noxious, narrow-minded ideology. When he’s exposed for what he is, like so many other holier-than-thou hypocrites and factious Pharisees of his ilk, Hagedorn begins blowing smoke.

Don’t let that smoke get in your eyes.

Vote for decency, not divisiveness on April 2.

Elect Appeals Court Judge Lisa Neubauer to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Robert Reid, Wisconsin Dells


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