On March 20, I wrote a letter to the editor responding to a Baraboo educator that our education system was to blame for turning out uneducated citizens. My letter’s title was “Who’s to blame?” but this paper retitled it “Back Hagedorn for court to protect from Godless Dems.” Besides overstepping their editorial privilege to antagonize one side against another, they’re wrong. God is God of unbelievers also.

On April 12, a regular liberal letter writer incorrectly stated President Donald Trump “fired his homeland security head,” she resigned and this is far from his only error.

Worse was Pat Nash’s garbage on the global warming hoax in the same edition. Supposedly 66 million years ago, when Nash was a little girl, an asteroid hit earth wiping out all life, decimating the earth and causing a huge flood which now they’re finding fossils from. Of course this is much more believable than the Bible’s version that the earth is about 6,000 years old and that God caused a great flood because the world had become so sinful.

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Never doubt that liberals can’t get any loonier or reject God even more. It’s why Christians pray the holy spirit reaches all unbelievers. Happy Easter.

Gary Schoppenhorst, Endeavor


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