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It is my opinion that the most embarrassed people in the world should be the history teachers in Baraboo — but not just Baraboo, all schools.

This embarrassment should go all the way through the university systems because it implies that you have not done a good job of teaching history. If teachers make it exciting enough, the students will learn it, and what is more exciting than wars and rumors of wars?

We study history so that we will not repeat societal mistakes. This same emphasis should be taught and include all the wars and conflicts that the U.S. has been involved in. There have been many conflicts in history and another brewing right now.

Slavery of black people, treatment of the American Indian, and the now is the illegal immigrant plight. Why? In my opinion, we made slaves of them by treating them poorly then putting them on welfare to keep them there so they will not ever have the incentive to get out of government dependency. Teach the whys, whens and results of history. This is serious business for our survival and it impacts everyone, including you.

John H. Pickle Jr., Lodi