The USA allows over 1 million new legal immigrants to come into our nation each year. There are many more who sneak in and are illegal.

The illegals are encouraged by the idea of work, handouts and a better place to live. However, because of their lack of education and few skills, all wages, both union and non-union pay is pressured down. The legal immigrants come and can be absorbed by society and most become productive citizens. However, most illegal immigrants have no more than an 8th-grade education, if that, and few skills; they do not speak English.

The illegal immigrants hurt our society in that they push wages down, cannot speak well enough to function in society and rarely make it out of the extreme poverty from which they came, so they will push our economy down.

Sanctuary cities are a tragic attraction and will, if allowed to continue, destroy our nation. Those who support sanctuary cities and illegal immigrants will in my opinion suck our nation dry and help destroy our society. It is like a boat capable of holding 20 people and putting 100 in it. It is going to sink and kill them all. We are heading there fast.

John H. Pickle Jr., Lodi

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