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For anyone who is interested, I would like to share what I said regarding the resolution to support reform of Wisconsin Eminent Domain law at the Columbia County Board meeting Dec. 19.

"My wife and I have a small farm in Marcellon which we use for hunting, walks with our dog, taking ATV rides and just watching nature and the corn grow. A pipeline through this farm would decimate its beauty and solitude. It would no longer have any aesthetic or intrinsic value to us.

"We should have the right to refuse any private company cutting through our land for their own profit. This is why our forefathers fought for the individual rights of our citizens. These rights are guaranteed to us in the United States Constitution.

"Our state should not have the power to take these constitutional rights away from us. This is one of the reasons I ran for county supervisor -- to protect these rights of our citizens."

Barry Pufahl, Pardeeville, District 12 Supervisor