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In Portage, the April 2 election for District 6 is quickly coming. Who speaks for you Portage?

Kyle Little has regardless of your district. He has been a voice for positive change in Portage. He has been not only the man behind a 20-year battle for our skate park, but also a cornerstone for preserving our city's rich but disappearing past on the historical committee.

He has been the driving force behind events bringing together businesses and citizens to create a sense of community. He, while being a father, traveling, and working at a locally owned small business, still makes time to help with the flea market and give people a chance to be a part of it that otherwise wouldn't. If he does that for strangers, I can't imagine how he'll invest himself in his district.

We need elected officials who come to us for feedback on decisions they make on our behalf. People who have established relationships with our law enforcement and committee members, not because of their position given, but because of their position earned and fought for not for themselves but to better the community they saw needed change for all. Please vote for Little.

Katherine Linda, Portage