An important basic lesson in life has now made headlines on the world news.

We teach our children that if you continue to lie about things, they will come back some day and bite you. How come a large group of supposedly adult “news” commentators can’t come to admit they have made a terrible mistake in promoting lies about our president? Even after positive proof that they were wrong, the majority of the media continue to grasp at straws and are not showing the adult common sense that we teach our children. You don’t hear them “biting the bullet” and going forward in an honest way.

However things have a way, in time, to correct mistakes. The phrase, “What goes around comes around.” The viewership numbers of groups like CNN, MSNBC, etc. are dropping drastically. Their sponsors likely will follow also. It’s about time for a two-year ongoing mistake to take its toll and now prove the old sayings are proving correct again.

Cliff Lawson, Portage 


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