Wisconsin has the chance to benefit in so many ways by expanding Medicaid.

Tens of thousands of our residents would have their health care covered, allowing them to receive needed care in clinics instead of emergency rooms and preventing far more serious — and costly — illnesses. The rest of us would not be seeing our insurance rates rise in order to pay for emergency care. Rural health care systems, including hospitals, dental clinics and mental health facilities, would get a needed infusion of cash.

Refusing federal money to expand Medicaid doesn't make financial sense for our state. Wisconsin would receive $1 billion over two years, freeing up state funds for programs we all value, such as education and infrastructure.

A majority of Wisconsinites support expanding Medicaid, but it is blocked in the Legislature. Contact your state senators and representatives at legis.wisconsin.gov and urge them to vote for expanding Medicaid.

It is the right move financially and morally, and it should be an easy decision.

Nancy Dodge, Wesport


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