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I applaud the students and staff of Pardeeville High School for all of the hard work they are doing to make a creative and joyful impact on the lives of their fellow students and community. I did not know Lorrie Fundingsland, but I salute the people who are working to honor her memory in preparing for the opening of the Pardeeville Performing Arts Center.

As a now-senior citizen, who spent about 65 of my years taking part in drama clubs and classes, singing in and acting in school and community productions, working on backstage crews, etc., I know that any students and adults involved will become productive, hardworking, passionate and compassionate citizens, and responsible community members.

Individual students learn to memorize lines, become a member of a team, and often their self-esteem grows. I did not realize the absence of drama offerings in our local schools until reading Saturday's article. Viable community theater programs exist in Portage and Baraboo; I apologize for not knowing anything about Waupun. Money, school and community support, and volunteers are a must for a vibrant theater presence in a school district. I hope that interest in the drama programs strengthen and receive the support deserved.

Janet Price, Portage