I support Gov. Tony Evers for the most part, and the gas tax hike itself, but repealing the minimum markup law is a lousy thing to do. Figure out a way to get the difference out of the big oil companies instead of making the local gas station owner sell gas for less than they pay for it to compete with large retailers who can afford to sell at a loss.

BP, Mobile, and the Koch brothers charge whatever they want to dealers and this will not change that. With no minimum markup law, you may eventually have one option left for gas: Walmart. The minimum markup law is only a small percentage. Sometimes with credit card fees that the station has to pay, it may already be a loss for the retailer.

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Big retailers can undercut on price until the smaller competition sites are gone, then guess what? They go back to charging regular prices and you only have one or two options left. Usually this is something the GOP tries to pull, but just like when Bill Clinton deregulated the banks, it takes a Democrat pulling the trigger to actually make it happen.

Eric Madsen, Portage


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