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I was extremely disappointed that Andy Ross decided to resign from the Columbia County Board of Supervisors. His resignation is a loss to the Board of Supervisors and to Columbia County.

For many years I served on the Board of Supervisors with Andy, and he was always a voice of reason, a thoughtful listener and committed to the welfare of the district he represented and the county.

Several present members of the Columbia County Board have told me that they are concerned that the County Board has evolved into a partisan body, no longer concerned about the overall welfare of its citizens; focused, instead, on individual biased schemes.

If this is, in fact, what the members of the Columbia County Board of Supervisors has allowed the board to become, I can fully understand Mr. Ross’s decision.

County Board supervisors are elected to represent the people in their district, not their own political agendas.

Thanks, Andy, for your service to Columbia County, and your commitment to its citizens. You will be missed.

Sue Martin, Portage