My God is better than your God and I want some of your tax money to teach this to children. How can this be right? Didn’t the founding fathers say something about the separation of church and state?

I am not against religious education. I spent my own money to send four children to parochial school. However, asking taxpayers of a different religion to fund the schooling for my religious beliefs is just not right. Just because our ex-Gov. Scott Walker, the son of a preacher man, and his minions figured out a supposedly legal way to fund a private religious education with taxpayer money doesn’t make it right.

Why should my tax money fund religious teachings I don’t agree with? Think about it. Do you want your son or daughter to be considered a second-class citizen because some other religion thinks they don’t possess the right stuff?

Taxpayer funding of religious schools needs to stop now. Otherwise, we are just funding a religious case where the goal is my God is better than your God. And, if you don’t think my God isn’t best, we could always have a holy war so that I can prove my point.

Gary Mercer, Portage

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