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I, for one, am tired of the uproar over a few brain-dead teenagers and their complicit adult photographer and their ill-advised Sieg Hiel. Look folks, that happened off school grounds, wasn’t a school event, broke no laws. Stupid? You bet. Punishable? Hardly.

What happened on the Sauk County Courthouse steps is no more offensive to me than millionaire football players kneeling at the playing of the national anthem. Or, even more offensive than that is the raised fist as the anthem is played.

Adding insult to offense is the governor of Wisconsin ordering the great flag of the United States lowered for everything that comes down the pike, and the folks that dutifully lower the colors without question. The governor has “ordered” the lowering 23 times this year alone. That’s what I find troubling; and the fact that no one publicly questions such disregard for our flag.

Those Baraboo kids have the constitutional right to do what they did. The governor has the right to do what he does. Is either right? Is either in good taste? Over time the event in Baraboo will fade. Will the next governor be as careless with our great flag? I hope Tony Evers shows restraint.

Christopher Schutz, town of Pacific