Most everyone knows about early November deer movement and the granddaddy, a nine-day gun-deer season following.

Unlike last year’s earlier gun- deer season, deer movement will likely have calmed by then this year, but not entirely. Hunter movement in the woods will make up for some of that chasing by disturbing more sedentary bucks.

Check the Go Wild accounts on the DNR website to make sure that antlerless authorizations match what you think should be there. Some department decisions after early licenses were sold may mean the free antlerless authorizations didn’t get posted, or maybe you didn’t claim all of the permits allowed for your management unit. It’s easy to check and any license agent can help the hunters.

Early archers and crossbow hunters who register a deer that tests positive for CWD should also check to see if they are eligible for a replacement authorization. The replacements are deer for deer. If a buck was taken, a similar, statewide authorization will be issued. In some cases, the replacement may be carried forward.

Deer hunters have been ambitious of late. In addition to the 6,738 deer registered by youth hunters (about equal bucks and does), the total registrations are nearly 44,000. Archers have taken 8,011 bucks and 9,294 antlerless deer. Crossbowers have done better, bringing in 20,313 deer, 10,325 being bucks.

Fall turkey hunters have phoned in 6,793 birds so far this year.

Other deer enthusiasts are taking advantage of intensive deer activity, too, driving and looking, photographing and commenting.

In addition to licenses, authorizations and hunting locations, equipment and clothing should not be in the lost department. Find and fix what needs upbringing. Don’t forget to plan the field menu.

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Snow and rain have not dampened pheasant, turkey, waterfowl and grouse hunting, including releasing stocked roosters, but field walking conditions may be more strenuous for hunters and dogs than for the running and flying birds.

Walleye anglers mark their autumn best days by the nine-day gun-deer season. Doing that entirely this year may find the “boat has left the dock” because of the later Nov. 23 deer season opener.

Leaf drop, while delayed by a wet, and somewhat mild autumn, got a shot in the arm with heavy snow, wind and below normal temperatures. The result is many leaves fell green (Ginkgos and other exotics) and marcescent oaks let loose of leaves before their time, too.

Notices have been sent out by Mepps that squirrel tails continue to be needed. This lure company doesn’t expect those bushy tails to be donated, either. Kid’s cash and great eating, anyone?

Recent snowfalls have allowed hunters, photographers and pleasure-seekers opportunities to practice wildlife sighting with the help of sighting snow of late. It has been an advantage.

Birds are waiting for feeder fillers to show.

This safety snow can toss a few dangers into the outdoors, too, on ladder rungs, hillside walking, and worn-thin boot and shoe soles.

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