Matt Jasper

Senior Matt Jasper receiving financial advice.

Weston Students ‘Get Real!’

Weston seniors had the opportunity to participate in the 14th Annual “Get Real” event held at Richland Center High School on March 20. This interactive financial reality simulation helps students learn about money management and get a feel for life on their own.

Prior to the event, students identified the career they expect to have when they are 25-years-old and researched the entry-level wage. After paying income taxes, students proceeded to purchase housing, utilities, insurance, groceries, vehicles, childcare, gasoline, and more. They were randomly assigned marital status, parenthood, credit card debt, and credit score, all of which affected their financial situation throughout the day.

They also dealt with unforeseen events like receiving a ticket from law enforcement or having a health emergency. Volunteers at each station coached students through their decisions, but the students make their own choices. Learning to weigh financial priorities by practicing these choices is one of the goals for the overall program as helpful or very helpful. The hope is that the lessons will carry over into real life.

Around 250 high school students from Eagle, Ithaca, Richland Center, Riverdale, River Valley, and Weston were able to have this experience due to the support of area businesses and community members who are concerned about the financial future of our students. More than 100 volunteers assisted the students throughout the day.

For more information, call Chelsea 608-647-6148 or email chelsea.wunnicke@wisc.edu.

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