CAZENOVIA — Kathy Housner witnessed the Class of 2019 at Weston High School in Cazenovia grow up.

As guest speaker at the May 31 graduation ceremony, the paraprofessiona,l who has worked at the school district for two decades, reflected on the Class of 2019s several accomplishments, memories and lessons starting when the 17 students receiving their diplomas walked through the doors to begin their elementary school years 14 years ago.

“Those first years you learned really exciting things, like going down the hall straight as an arrow, quite as a mouse, you sat quietly on rugs and listened to stories, you picked up your toys while you sang songs,” Housner said. “You conquered things like shapes, colors and the alphabet. It took some of you longer but every one of you learned how to tie your shoes.”

Housner continued with accomplishments and memories during the graduates middle and high school years before advising graduates to find their passions with what they want to accomplish with their lives.

“Do not ever compare yourself with anyone else just do your thing,” Housner said. “Do not be afraid to chase your goals and your dreams.”

Principal/Superintendent Dr. Stephen Guenther’s message was the graduates have the “power of choice” and told them think of others in every situation.

“I’m talking about the choice you make each and every minute of every day and that is what you think and what you feel,” Guenther said. “As you go out into the world you will have many joys, many successes, many things that will make you feel on top of the world… but there will come a time when things are not so pleasant… and a lot of how you handle that comes down to choice.”

Salutatorians Noelle Spencer and Stephanie Stiemke gave their speech together, describing memories made with teachers and moments with students in the ice room at the high school.

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“You might ask how we spent our time in the ice room the answer is sleeping and having disturbing conversations that were not allowed to be in the speech tonight,” Spencer and Stiemke said simultaneously.

Valedictorian Jordan Crary told graduates she spent the first part of her senior year “impatiently waiting” for it to wrap up, counting down the days until graduation arrived.

“Then as the year went on we started to realize many of the things we’ve been doing for the last four years we would soon be doing for the last time,” Crary said. “Standing here today I’ve confessed all the people were right when they say it goes by way to fast.”

She said a lot about the Class of 2019 has changed the past four years and reflected how some aspects about Weston High School may remain the same.

“I think all of us in our own ways will miss high school,” Crary said. “Most likely, however, is we will miss all the people and relationships we’ve made here. Most of you have been by my side since Pre-K, when all we worried about was that mom bought the cool set of crayons for school that year. From that day forward we played together, fought together and grew from little Pre-K’ers to young adults together and along the way we made some great memories.”

More pictures from Weston High School's graduation ceremony are available at reedsburgtimespress.com.

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