Reedsburg school board member resigns to become school district buildings director
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Reedsburg school board member resigns to become school district buildings director

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Pat Ruddy (copy)

Business Manager Pat Ruddy, left, shares his reports with the school board in this file photo from the board's September 2018 as Board Member Shaun Luther, right, listens. Luther has resigned from his seat with the school board to take a position as the school district's building and grounds director. 

After nine years on the Reedsburg Board of Education, Area III representative Shaun Luther has resigned from his position to serve the school district in a new role.

Luther has stepped down from the school board to become the Director of Building and Grounds with Aramark, the company the school district contracts with to provide facilities and maintenance services. Current director Randy Johnson is retiring effecting July 31. Luther’s final meeting was June 15 and will assume his new role July 6.

Luther also served as chairperson of the building and grounds committee and the finance committee. Area III represents the geographical area East of Highway 23 and South of Highway 33, more towards the Rock Springs area. With Luther’s resignation, the school board is looking to fill the vacancy to fill out the remainder of his term.

Luther, a lifelong resident of Reedsburg, sought reelection to the board in the April 2020 election, running unopposed and winning to retain his seat. He has been a facility and maintenance director at various resorts in the Wisconsin Dells for the last nine years and decided to apply for the position when it was open.

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Luther said he decided to step away from the school board because it felt like the best choice for his new job.

“Just simply because its kind of tough to be the facility maintenance director for working for Aramark and then having to go to the meetings and sit there as the director and also a school board member,” Luther said. He said he is looking forward to serving the school district and attending the board meetings in a new capacity.

Assistant District Administrator and Business Manager Pat Ruddy said it was best Luther resign if he was offered and accepted the position to avoid any potential conflict of interest, even though the position is contacted with Aramark. Ruddy said per the school district’s policy does not allow employees to serve on the school board.

“You could split hairs and say technically that is not a district position. But it’s such a closely related position it was our position that if he were selected among the applicants that Aramark had posted and interviewed for, and selected him, he could not serve on the board because of a conflict of interest,” Ruddy said. “I think it was appropriate for him to resign as a position from the board to avoid any potential conflict of interest.”

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Luther said he decided to run for the school board after the Rock Springs Elementary School shut down. He had also helped out the school district in other ways by building sets and installing new lighting and sound systems in the Cal Center, he said. Reflecting of his time on the board, he said him and his colleagues on the board have had many accomplishments from making reviewing and making changes to the handbook, Act 10 and building of Prairie Ridge Intermediate School.

“I was very honored to work with those people for so many years,” Luther said.

Executive Assistant to the District Administrator and the Reedsburg Board of Education Barb Sand said the school district will advertise for the vacancy in the newspaper and on its website. The board will interview qualified candidates and vote on a replacement to fill out the remainder of his term, Sand said in a June 16 email.

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If a candidate is not selected in 60 days the school board president can appoint someone to fill the position, according to the school district’s policy on addressing a vacancy of the school board.

The position will serve until April 2021 and will be on the ballot for a two year term. Candidates must reside in the Area III geographic area.

School Board President Gary Woolever said Luther was a valuable member during his time on the board.

“He’s a good board member,” Woolever said of Luther. “It’s going to be hard to replace him.”

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