LA VALLE — Besides looking into FEMA funds to dredge an additional 31,000 cubic yards – about six feet of sediment from Lake Redstone—the lake’s protection district board and the Town of La Valle is examining possible funding for other areas around the lake that sustained damage by the 2018 floods.

The Lake Redstone Protection District is scheduled to meet with FEMA at 1:30 p.m. Feb. 5 at La Valle Town Hall to talk about potential funding to fix an earthern berm at Meronek Meadows that breeched as a result of the high water pressure during the late summer floods. The high water pressure caused by the floods caused the water retention basin; earth berm to breech.

No houses were damaged, however, additional sediment dumped into the lake and closed the nearby police boat landing as a result of the damage.

In November, the board rejected five bids ranging from $100,000 to $137,000 from different companies to construct a new berm. Along with costs, the board rejected the bids to see if FEMA would intervene with potential funding sources on the estimated $130,000 project, said Chuck Ecklund, chairman for the Lake Redstone Protection District Board. Design of the new berm would include rocks on both sides that would trap sediment, allowing water to pass through.

Ecklund said the same breech happened at Meronek Meadows, located at West Redstone Drive and Pierce Road, in 2008. The lakes protection district board, the Town of La Valle, FEMA and Wisconsin Disaster Fund provided funds to fix it.

Another project around the lake that sustained damage from the flood is the Section 11 boat landing, a project coordinated by the Town of La Valle. Lake Redstone Protection District Board Member and Town of La Valle Chairman Ray Demaskie said the damage due to the heavy rainfall caused the boat landing to close.

“(It) took out the handicap wall on the bottom and tore out a lot of the settlement,” Demaskie said, adding there is a large ditch towards the side of the boat landing from wash out. The boat landing remains closed.

Demaskie said the town board has submitted a request to the DNR for review on repairing the boat landing and an application to FEMA for funding requests. Costs to repair the boat landing range between $80,000 to $100,000, he said. He said the town board is also looking at possibly constructing a bridge near the boat landing on West Redstone Drive as a mitigation effort to prevent water from going over the boat landing in future floods. If the project goes forward, Demaskie said it could cost an additional $40,000.

He is hoping to meet with the DNR in March to see if it will help with the project.

“I’m hoping to have it (the boat landing) open sometime in May,” Demaskie said. “But the DNR and everybody’s got to fall in line to make it work.”

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