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Like a painter who puts a brush to a blank canvas or an author who puts a pen to paper Mark Lambrecht, owner of Exquisite Upholstery in Reedsburg, considers fixing furniture an art.

He said how upholstery works is he takes the piece of furniture apart, applying new fabric or foam-which sometimes requiring stripping it down to rebuild the entire frame. He shared the process of fixing a 90-year-old chair, making decking and a front as well as the types of styles like diamond tufting to channeling. If one brings in a seat cushion he can design a chair to match it.

“There’s a lot to upholstery (that) people don’t know,” he said. “Very people know how to do upholstery it takes a long time to learn.”

The business, located in downtown Reedsburg, will turn twenty years old in September. Lambrecht is starting the celebration a little early, offering a ten percent discount on all fabric in his store throughout the month of August. He will offer a discount of ten percent on all labor starting September 1.

He has over fifty years in the industry starting when he was sixteen-years-old when he fixed his first couch with his father. He started upholstering on furniture in his apartment for several years before moving into the location at 141 East Main Street. At 65-years-old Lambrecht doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

“I’m still working hard,” he said. “I’ve worked all my life. I’m not going to slow down until they put me in the grave.”

He said he’s done “a little bit of everything” when it comes to upholstery from seating booths and chairs for restaurants to boats, motorcycles and antiques-taking it apart, installing new springs and seams along with sewing it back together. Everything in the upholstery process he does himself from tufting, channeling, top stitch tufting and even making buttons. What he likes about his job is nothing is the same every day, one week he may work on kitchen chairs, the next sofas or another piece of furniture.

“It’s always different every week,” he said.

For many years, he has fixed upholstery seating for restaurants in Wisconsin Dells, Baraboo and Mauston. One of them is the booths for the restaurant at the Corner Pub, a business also locally owned in downtown Reedsburg. Owner Pete Peterson said Lambrecht upholstered some of the booths in 2008 and was satisfied with the job he did.

“He’s done a really good job for the booths and he came and got them quick and turned them around did them overnight basically and brought them back,” Peterson said. “He did a nice job and they’ve held up well.”

Exquisite Upholstery can be reached by phone at 608-524-9079 or email Hours are from Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. or Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon.

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