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While Public Works Director/City Engineer Steve Zibell said the waste water treatment plant is “doing very well” overall, receiving an “A” grade for eight of the ten categories, there are a couple area the plant has struggled to keep up with.

The influent flow and loading category was listed on the Waste Water Treatment Plant Compliance Maintenance Annual Report with a grade level of an “F” with 52 out of 100 points. The council unanimously approved the report at the June 11 meeting. Alderpersons Mike Gargano, Brandt Warner, Jim Heuer and Mayor David Estes were absent.

Zibell noted Biochemical Oxygen Demand and phosphorus received an A grade with a score of 100 “because the plant can handle the high loading”. It’s the amount coming in is not what the plant is designed for.

“So our loads that are coming into the plant the BOD and the phosphorus are higher than technically what the plant is designed for, so that’s why we get a low grade,” Zibell said. “It’s showing we are getting more growth in the city because our loads are coming up and also the industries are doing well because they are giving us more load. Now they are within their permit, but their loads are higher.”

The plant received a C grade level in Biosolids Quality and Management with a score of 80 points, which Zibell said is attributed to not having a place to store six months worth of solid sewage storing. According to the report, the city currently has 120 to 149 days of storage capacity. Zibell said the city has two years to figure out a solution to the storage issue, either building another facility or leasing a site from a farmer and will possibly look into a facility plan to reevaluate the whole plant.

“There’s a bunch of alternatives,” Zibell said. “We’re going through all of the alternatives and we’ll bring it to public works and see which way we want to go.”

Business expansion

A business looking to expand was officially given approval.

The council unanimously approved a developer’s agreement with Service Line, Inc. for the city to sell land for the metal fabrication company to expand to create access to a truck doc on the east end of the proposed building. The memorandum of understanding was approved by the council at the May 11 meeting.

Chairman for the Industrial Development Commission Don Lichte said the plan is “a nice improvement” to the industrial park.

“It’s another way of growing the community’s industrial base,” Lichte said.

According to the agreement, the company located on Zinga Drive will complete the project in two stages. A 3,780 square foot building with an estimated cost of $75,000 will be constructed in 2018 and a 6,700 square foot addition with an estimated cost of $125,000 will be built in 2019.

According to the agreement, the city will sell a 0.3 acre parcel for $1.00 and will be responsible for $16,000 in developmental costs using TIF 9 funds and $12,000 of previous development costs for the parcel of land. The previous development costs have already been paid for by TIF 4. The new development costs will be repaid within a three year period starting in 2021 and will generate close to $60,000 in surplus over the life of the TIF.

The project is estimated to increase the tax base by $160,000 and bring four additional full time jobs in 2019. The agreement creates room for further expansion on another parcel of land if needed with the city agreeing to execute a right of first refusal after five years for a 0.7 acre parcel to construct a new office and lab testing facility.

Airport Aid and Plan

The council unanimously approved a petition to receive airport improvement aid from the state and Federal Aviation Administration and a six year plan capital plan for possible projects to update the airport.

The project intentions for Reedsburg Municipal Airport from 2018 to 2023 include seal coat runways, updates on lighting and the airport layout plan to include road access to the east side of the airport and move or replace the city owned Hangar. Estimated project costs ranges between $75,000 to $300,000.

The petition is required to be renewed every eight to ten years. The funding for the projects is divided between 90 percent federal and five percent each for federal and city funds.

Other business

Acting on behalf of the mayor, Moon issued proclamations in recognition of May 2018 as Drowning Prevention Month and recognizing the Reedsburg Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club of Reedsburg Western Sauk County as Organization of the Year.

The council unanimously approved to rezone 415 Midway Drive from R-2 residential zoning to R-1 for Jeff Ernstmeyer to build two single family houses on the property.

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