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In his Aug. 9 column, Tim McCumber laments the potential "loss of our local history" brought about by highway projects like U.S. Highway 12. He worries that such projects "bypass America."

Like so many given the privilege of writing regular newspaper columns, Mr. McCumber is unable or refuses to connect the dots.

He attributes the Highway 12 construction to "progress," but he doesn't tell us what is behind it. When I think of progress, I think in more tangible terms, e.g. medical advances and our computer-driven economy brought about as a result of our space program.

What Mr. McCumber doesn't grasp is that this "progress" is the result of more people using the nation’s deteriorating road system. Where are all these people coming from? Since 2015, says the Pew Hispanic Center, immigration has been responsible for 88 percent of our population growth and this is expected to continue through 2065. Why is Mr. McCumber ignoring this fact and shortchanging his audience? Perhaps it is more accurate to say our present immigration policy is "bypassing" America.

If Mr. McCumber is serious about enlightening his readers, he's not going to do it by sitting at his keyboard with the shades pulled down.

Dave Gorak

Executive Director, Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration

La Valle