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A long-time political activist in Sauk County has often taken me to task for "always picking on Republicans" because of their party's irresponsible position on immigration. I hope he reads this finally realizes that this nation's federally-created immigration crisis is a much bigger picture than whatever it is he has been looking at.

The Democratic Party is equally loathsome in this regard and has made no attempt in recent days to conceal its contempt for the rule of law and American sovereignty. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a Californian, praised those parents who brought their children ("Dreamers") into this country illegally, calling their action "a great thing" because "these kids are a brilliant part of our future." What a marvelous and uplifting message Pelosi sent to the world, especially our own young children. In short, it's OK to ignore the law and then arrogantly demand that the American people respect them for doing it.

Over in Minnesota, Rep. Keith Ellison compared "Dreamers" to Jews persecuted in Nazi Germany. Does Mr. Ellison know something the rest of us don't? Has the Trump Administration ordered the rounding up of these young adults and shipping them in railroad cars to death camps secretly hidden from the American people?

Pelosi and Ellison are able to get away with trashing of this republic and misrepresentation of the facts because of the apathy of too many of our citizens who have no right to call themselves Americans.

Dave Gorak

Executive Director, Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration

La Valle